Does your financial situation depend on how many patients choose to show up each week?

Would you be financially secure if you had an unfortunate accident that took you out of practice for a couple weeks?

Would you even be able to afford the medical bills?

What about your time… is it a continuous cycle of just putting out fires?

Many of us are just going through life being pushed around by the decisions and urgencies of others.

  • pleasing patients so they don’t leave
  • pleasing your spouse so they’re happy
  • pleasing your kids so they’re happy
  • helping your friend so they continue to like you

Your own happiness is prioritized behind everyone else, constantly pleasing others.

Today Coach Jay is going to show you how you can finally take control of both your time and your finances so you can begin the process of living a rich, full life by intention rather than default.

Energy Management is composed of two things:

  1. Finances
  2. Time Management


Financial Predictability

For most people, birthdays and Christmas comes as a financial surprise every year with no clear plan for what they can spend.

Jay just had a new baby girl who is going to take a tremendous amount of financial commitment as she grows up, and that’s something he has made sure in advance that he can afford.

While she hasn’t needed to use their financial reserves for health problems, Jay happened to run his thumb through a table saw two weeks ago. Good thing he has a financial plan for his family’s health and was able to afford the medical bills.

At Full Circle, we live a life of intention.

That means that there is a calculated amount of money going to all the areas of your life each year, and we know how to allocate each paycheque.

We use what’s called a Business Life Intentions Spread Sheet (or BLISS as we call it).

This lays out what it costs to live a successful life, in ALL areas of your life, and what you need to earn to make this a reality.

This allows us to turn a DREAM into a GOAL.

Success is nothing more than an intentional checkpoint on a timeline.


Time Predictability

Babies don’t play by YOUR schedule, they have a way of creating their own.

So you can create a well-intentioned calendar of events all you want, but things like babies can override that in a second.

When Jay gets home from adjusting his patients at 7:00 pm, he’s tired.

While he can’t plan for the baby being equally tired and everyone getting a deep restful sleep after his shift, him and his wife CAN plan for his 7:00 pm fatigue and ensure Christina has energy at this time.

It’s about creating a life of intentional time blocks for all the things you need to prioritize.

At Full Circle we do this with a Dynamic Time Structure.

We emphasize DYNAMIC because there are things you can’t control.

There are A LOT of things you cannot control.

So being a victim to these things is childish and moves you away from your goals.

What we can do, and what Jay did last weekend was move his “HAVE Day” from a trip to the Denver Zoo on Saturday to a Monster Jam show on Sunday with his kids.

We recommend everyone has at least one FULL “Have Day” each week where you do nothing but HAVE time for yourself to recharge your battery. You’re no good to your patients if you are running on empty. Spend time with your family, go skiing, get a massage, meet up with friends… do whatever makes you happy.

– – –

Track the energy of money and take control of your financial future. Make sure you have a Dynamic Time to make sure you control your time so you get the things done that will move you forward. If you don’t plan for it, you’re sure to be blown around by other people’s intentions for your time.

We had a client last week that was AMAZED when putting this together. His ability to consciously plan his life and finances instead of being blown around by how many patients do or do not show up is truly liberating.

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