Looking for more passion, excitement, and intimacy in your relationship?

Here are some of the keys to getting that spark back that you feel might have been lost for the past couple of years.

I believe there are 3 keys to keeping your relationship spark alive:

  1. Trust and Communication
  2. Polarity
  3. Go back to the beginning

Trust & Communication

Passion and intimacy is just an extension of the trust built within a relationship.

Trust is only achieved if there is equal and reciprocal communication.

Communication comes in many forms but you must become specifically fluent in the love language of your spouse in order to nurture the growth of that passion once again.

If their love language is “words of affirmations” and “physical touch”, tell them how beautiful, talented and gorgeous they are and give them a well-deserved mini-massage or caress on the arm.

Nothing wrong with some PDA if that’s the love language of your significant other.

If your love language is “words of affirmation” and “acts of service” then do something of value to them. This could be as simple as washing their car, making dinner or the folding some laundry. Most people tend to love others from their own Love Language, because that’s all they know! You must learn the Love Language of your partner so they can be loved in a way they feel it the most.


Polarity is the KEY to a magnetic connection, and incredible sex.

The dance of Polarity is the dance between masculinity vs femininity within your relationship.

This is not to say men have to be masculine and women have to be feminine, however, that’s inherently the most common representation. But in ANY sexual relationship no matter the genders of each partner, there must be a stronger feminine essence and a stronger masculine essence if you want to feel the SPARK.

In today’s day in age, society has pushed everyone toward the middle, a blend of both. Masculinity is needed to get things done, reach big goals, build your practice. Whereas the feminine energy is needed to build deep connections, show love and affection, go with the flow.

The trick is to learn to live from your most natural form of energy. Live into it.

For the masculine energy – you have to be strong and confident. And when that feminine energy challenges you, stand in the light of the storm. Let it pass, because there will be a beautiful rainbow on the other side.

This will allow the feminine energy to shine through as this playful, fun and flirtatious beam.

Let the masculine force be the river banks to which the feminine flow can be guided.

Again, even in same-sex relationships, there is commonly one who is more masculine and one who is more feminine, and the more you can own your role, the more power you naturally feel and the more passion the relationship will have. 

Back To Basics

Go back to basics.

Remember what you did at the beginning and do it again.

You spent time together.

You went on dates and vacations.

Break down what lit the spark for you before, and light that fuse once again by simply taking a play out of your old playbook.

It’s that easy!

Here’s an action step:

Think of your first date. Where was it? What did you do? What did you eat? 

Now go plan to reenact it, and remember who you fell in love with!

If you have kids: take your kids on dates!

I took my son out on a one-on-one date night, and my husband Mark took our daughter out for one-on-one date nights!

The key is to have more fun and the rest will follow. 

Don’t let the world beat you down and distract you from your greatness.