Do you feel like you’re constantly pushing a boulder uphill when it comes to growing your practice?

Is your practice screwed if you let that boulder slip and go down for a week or two?

The universe is always giving us signs to steer us in the right direction.

Here’s what happens when you ignore those signs…

Are you constantly running from one thing to another, trying to get it all done?

If you don’t make time for yourself, for reflection, to focus on human BEING (not DOING), then the Universe might just give you a push rather than a nudge that it’s time for you to slowww down.

I’ve been extra busy lately trying to juggle:

  • being a father to 3 energetic young children
  • being a loving husband
  • running a successful practice
  • being a chiropractor
  • running a reclaimed wood business
  • being a coach here at Full Circle
  • staying on top of my workouts
  • and staying sane.


If you’re running from one thing to the next with no time for yourself, you might be ignoring the subtle messages here and there suggesting you’re a little out of balance, a little scatter-brained… I know I did recently.

After my Crossfit workout, I was feeling tender and sore in my elbow. I agreed with my wife that I should slow down for the next 2 weeks and stick to running.

… and then I didn’t.

I got a massage, told myself I’ll be fine, and I pushed on.

Hats off to the Universe for doing its part in guiding us to achieve perfect balance and synergy.

A couple days later I was running a table saw, and I ended up taking about 80% of my thumb off with it.

So now guess how long I’m forced to slow down for…

2 weeks!



We have to be accountable to interpret and comply to some of the messages sent our way. Without taking a moment to “smell the roses” we won’t be able to figure out which of these messages are intending to direct change.

You don’t have to interpret the universe’s barrage of messages alone. Reach out. We have a team here at Full Circle Coaching who are pros at sifting through the pile of mail from the universe in aim of establishing a better life and practice in store for you.

That was the message the Universe sent Tom years ago when he was the “chiropractor with the bad back”… just as people kept asking him to teach them how he built such a great life and practice.

He listened, accepted the call, and started this company.

I reached out a long time ago when the universe sent me a much bigger message, when things weren’t looking great and I needed to make a MAJOR move. I got a coach, I moved across the country, I started a new practice in a city I knew nobody, and I was in the black in a few short months.

I drank so much of the Kool-Aid that I am a coach for this company, still in practice, and able to take my family to Cabo San Lucas 3-4 times per year while coaching other docs how to create a life and practice they deserve.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. We’re all human.

If you want to book a call to see if we can help you, click here.