Hi, Coach Fraser here!

I have a question for you:

When do you start looking for a new Chiropractic Assistant?

Is it when your current CA is quitting?

Today we’re going to find out how to improve this process so you can go from a Solo Team (which always causes chaos) to a Stacked Team (so if your CA decides to quit, you’re actually better off).


So, what is hiring: we are reviewing the best applicant for a role that we may have available.

Okay, but what’s recruiting: attracting the perfect person for a role that you have in your business. You might think, “why wouldn’t I always just recruit? I’d much rather find the perfect person rather than simply settling for whoever applies to my ad.”

Well, we hire based on crisis management. It’s usually out of desperation we pick one of the applicants and settle for the best option because the practice is in chaos mode until that hole is replaced and you’ve trained your new Chiropractic Assistant.

But guess what… the perfect, class A person isn’t searching through classifieds or wherever you posted your job BECAUSE… they’re gainfully employed!

So how do I recruit someone who’s not looking for a job?

Build your bench.

Just like a general manager does for their professional sporting teams, they’re actively scouting and may have a number of players on their wish-list or “on the bench” in case of injury, trades, etc. Have 2 people “on the bench” for every single role or position within your office, business or team that you will reach out to in times of crisis.

The secret to recruiting is to always be recruiting

First, be clear with what and who you’re looking for.

Determine what their dream profile looks like and try to find it in the people in your network – whether at Starbucks or at an industry conference.

Figure out what your dream candidate’s background, skill set, and values are so when you meet them, you KNOW you’ve met your A Player. Take that relationship a little bit further after you’ve met them. Sit them down and discuss future opportunities.

If both parties are mutually interested, then vet them through your normal hiring process.

Then boom, they’re sitting on your bench for when an opportunity arises and you don’t have a vacant spot open, leaving you in chaos for weeks.

Recruiting is the way that you build your dream team. Attract the players that will drive your business to that next level.

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