If you’re like a lot of docs that come to us at Full Circle Coaching, you might have problems with the following as well… 

  1. You want your CA’s to CARE more about your practice and its performance
  2. You want them to be committed to you in the long-term and have buy-in so they don’t leave you in a lurch looking for a replacement as all hell breaks loose
  3. You want them to be more productive and proactive so you can relieve some of your lower level tasks that just take up time and cause you to work longer than you have to

Today in this video we’re going to show you the BIGGEST difference between a chiropractic RECEPTIONIST and a chiropractic ROCKSTAR so you can grow your practice and work less IN your practice…

It’s called an Outcomes Assessment, and it allows you to do three things:

  1. Show them EXACTLY how to be great at their role in your office so your expectations are set and not up to interpretation and guesswork
  2. Help you continually train them to be great at their role in a structured format, rather than training them here and there and whenever you feel like checking in
  3. Most importantly, it allows you to take lower level tasks off your hands so you can spend less time working and increase your dollar per hour!

Your Chiropractic Assistant(s) WANT to be great at their role, but most docs leave it up to guesswork for them to know what that looks like.

An example is…

One common responsibility in a chiropractic practice is picking up the phone.

So if a CA picks up the phone on the 12th ring while smoking a cigarette STILL qualifies as a checkmark in this department… responsibility fulfilled.

HOWEVER in my practice, one little outcome inside of this greater outcome of picking up the phone was that it had to be done within the first 4 rings with a smile on their face, saying the words “Preston’s Family Chiropractic, how may I be of service?”

THIS was the metric for greatness set for this specific outcome. It was specific, tangible, and I can see if they need training on this or not.

It becomes easy to hold them accountable at this point in your weekly team meetings and quarterly reviews.

The BIGGEST Mistake…

The most common mistake I see docs make is that they don’t train their team regularly.

In a poll we did, 62% of chiropractors DON’T have regular team trainings.

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When you have a specific, detailed Outcomes Assessment, team trainings become simple checklists. It allows you to have structure and rhythms to this process, to continually demand greatness from your team.

Another benefit of the Outcomes Assessment is the ability to create a Team Training Protocol for new hires (or existing CAs to see if they’re meeting your expectations of greatness).

Example, you make a list of ALLL the outcomes that are important for your Chiropractic Assistant to perform. Make sure to add all the things you’re currently doing that you don’t need to be.

Make a smaller list from this of all the things that are the highest priority. This becomes your A-List outcomes that you use the first two weeks to train them on.

Then do the same with your B-List activities, the second most important outcomes for them to master. Take the 3rd and 4th week to go through these.

You can then make a list of C-Level and D-Level tasks to tackle after that.

This becomes your structured training protocol for all new hires, to go from Chaos to Control in this dept.

– – –

We have a full training department here at Full Circle to go from Receptionist to Rockstar since your front desk team is crucial to the make or break of any practice.

However, this is actually one of the LAST phases of our process.

This is because working in the practice first is counter-intuitive. Our specialty is in creating successful chiropractors who can create successful practices. Our job is just to facilitate the greatness with our proven templates and processes we customize to your practice ONLY AFTER we fix what’s going on with you.

Trying to grow your practice before growing yourself first is like buying bigger shoes to make your feet grow.

Our belief is that your practice is just a reflection and result of what’s going on with you.

If you want us to create your Practice From Within Blueprint, apply for a Strategy Session and we can explore what’s holding you back from growing your practice and taking an extra day off each week.

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