Do you have a Chiropractic Assistant or Office Manager that isn’t helping you grow your practice?

I’ve had two chiropractic coaching clients call me this week to discuss firing the dead weight in their practice – and it’s paid off tremendously!



One of our clients called to discuss letting go of their Office Manager who had been with them for years. They were paying the employee a percentage of revenue which worked for a long time but as the revenue grew so did the dollar value of their salary relative to the practice growth.

This person became self sabotaging relative to her role because she knew she was being overpaid. She started to slack in what she was doing which was a “self-sabotaging tactic” to validate the fact that she wasn’t worth what she was getting paid.

Our client had to come to the tough decision to part ways with their Office Manager because the pay had become of out control relative to the role being performed. Although there was some teeth grinding it was the toughest and smartest decision to be made.

As a result of this decision, the past month of their clinic has been record breaking by over 25%.


Another client let go an employee who had been with them a long time but become dead weight. She had cut down her hours due to some other interests to only 11 hours a week which created some tension among other team members.

The client consulted my team to ask “Hey Coach, what do I need to do here?” 

The answer is to cut this person free but do it according to her value systems. Whenever you talk to someone in a tough situation like this you must find common ground.

You want to start out by supporting them and letting them know how much you value the great work they have done for the team before you challenge them to let them go.

Let’s be clear: you must ensure that you have done your due diligence from a legal standpoint when it comes to letting an employee go before having this conversation.

There’s a big difference between a good leave and bad leave. Remember the rest of the team is looking at you and wondering how you’re going to handle this situation. They’re wondering what’s going on!


I counselled my client to find out what values are still important to her and consider doing a few things:

  1. Pay A Couple Months Severance – although he doesn’t need to do this legally, we recommended he do so as a “thank you” gesture (don’t call it severance, call it a gift).
  2. Complimentary Chiropractic Care – she values the care she receives at the clinic so also throw in some care for her and her family although this doesn’t cost the doc a lot, it is a goodwill factor
  3. Find What’s Going To Motivate Her To Make This A Good Leave – Is she motivated by her desire to serve? Offer to keep her on file for any future expansions and tell her she will be reached out to if needed. Make it a good win for her.


Although you may have done all of these things, YOU still have to make the hard choice because if you don’t it’s a virus in your clinic and it will minimize the effectiveness of your business.


Make the tough leadership decisions. It will pay off. Every. Time.


Bringing on new team members? We offer Chiropractic Assistant training programs to help you and your new CA get on board. Please reach out to us if you think this could be valuable to your business!



Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want.

Meaning they don’t make as much money as they would like to.

They work too long and too hard… and are STILL underpaid.

They don’t have time for their kids, their spouse… they feel guilty for sacrificing family time to give more to a practice that isn’t giving back to them.

They don’t have time to stay on top of their health and fitness, and miss the way they used to look and feel.

They have limited fun.

They have limited self-confidence.

And their certainty and enthusiasm for their practice dwindles.

Patients can feel this, and respond accordingly… causing your PVA to drop and new patients to ignore your recommendations.

We see this all the time, that is until our clients define success and create attainable goals from our success blueprint exercise.

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