Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in the day?

Do you want more time with family, time for the hobbies you’ve sacrificed for the business, and time for yourself again?

Time is one of those amazing things that everybody wants more of but we’ve got so many other things pulling us in other directions. We’ve got the kids, your significant other, the business, clients and more… it’s endless!

How do we ever have any time to get things accomplished?

Today I’m going to share with you the secret alchemy to creating more time and productivity in your life.

Every client I’ve ever had wants to give their best to everything and everyone in their lives. But let’s face it… if you’re lethargic, not focused or grounded, how can you possibly give the best of yourself to other people?

The Morning Routine!

Every successful person I’ve ever studied has had some form of morning routine. The key to a successful morning routine is to find out what’s important to you. Other people’s morning routines may or may not apply to you.

What we want you to do is look at your core values and find out what it is important to you. The “I Know I Am Successful When” exercise will help you create your daily routine and achieve success.

If we know that morning routines make us more successful than why don’t we do it?!

The two most common excuses are that “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know what to do.”

We just told you have to fix the “I don’t know what to do part” by creating your own definition of success to breakdown what is important to you and therefore what you should focus on in the morning.

Now to address the time issue…

We’re not just talking about time management but also ENERGY management. Take an hour away from your sleep schedule and invest that in your morning routine.

When you’re energized and focused you DON’T need as much sleep and can create better results. So there is absolutely no excuse for doing a morning routine!


If part of your definition of success is to be a certain dress size or body mass then your morning routine should include some form of physical activity.

 If part of your definition of success is financial based then maybe you want to be reading about marketing or financial management as part of your morning routine.

 If part of your definition of success is becoming less cluttered and be more focused, meditating or journaling in the morning can help you declutter your mind and living space.


The magic to the morning routine is committing to one and following through.