Are you ready to improve your practice by leveraging Chiropractic Jedi Tricks to attract high quality patients?

Have you ever met a chiropractor who never seems to leave their practice and doesn’t even know what Facebook is or how to make a post…?

The person who struggles to utilize Google for a simple search result…?

Yet, they have an amazing practice full of high quality patients who come back again and again!!I’ll tell you something, I gave the secret handshake and entered the lair of one these crazy Jedi chiropractor marketers recently.

I’ll tell you something, I gave the secret handshake and entered the lair of one these crazy Jedi chiropractor marketers recently.

What I learned will blow you away and might actually expand your ability to run the practice of your dreams.

1) Focus Determines Your Reality

Key Gon Jinn said “your focus determines your reality”.

I can tell you this was definitely in the presence of this Chiropractor. His presence was soothing because he was so present and completely focused. It didn’t matter what it was we talked about, he was completely present and conscious and completely focused.

This is in stark contrast to many of the chiropractors I’ve interacted with in my life, who are jumping from this thing, to that thing, to this great idea, to this technique instead of being laser beam focused on what it is they do really well.

It’s the epitome of the law of attraction at work. The key is to focus in with laser beams on your key product and service because that determines your reality.

2) There Is No Try

Jedi trick number two: there is no try.

This is the famous Yoda quote.

It actually says “try not do or do not, there is no try”.

This chiropractor was not trying to be successful, he was being successful. He had an amazing, legendary practice, one of the biggest in the world for many many many many many years. There was no trying to be successful, he was focused on results.

He knew that if he got stellar results with each and every client, that they would stay, they would pay, and they would refer. It was such a simple construct but it just seems to elude people who are always looking for the next new magical social media trick or whatever.

He also customized each and every treatment program, there’s no cookie-cutter BS here. And if his plan wasn’t working, he had the parameters and benchmarks in place to know that and then make the changes.


3) No Such Thing As Luck

Jedi trick number three. It’s not really a trick, just like luck there is no such thing as luck, right?

Luck is something that you make. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity – my old high school coach used to say. So there’s no luck to be a successful doc. There’s no luck to be a successful chiropractor. There’s no luck to be a business person or a successful parent or raising great kids.

It’s about focus, it’s about intention, and it’s about hard work when it needs to be done hard and getting the results that you know need to be gotten.

No excuses.

Winners always find a way to win. 

4) Be Centred & Grounded

Every Jedi chiropractor I’ve ever met had the great understanding that there’s more to it than this just crude matter. That they invested time energy and occasionally money to become more luminous.


They’re deeply grounded, spiritual people.
They take part in things like retreats.
They take part in things like meditation and journaling.


They do things to really focus on what it is that the essence of who we are as luminous beings and don’t get caught up and just the physical flesh-and-blood. They bring it into their personal lives and just as importantly, they bring it into the practice and bring that energy.

Just like every other successful person I’ve ever spent time with or studied, these Jedi chiropractors are just a pleasure to be around. They come from a grounded, centered place of certainty and you just leave their presence feeling more lit up as a result of that.

So their marketing secret is not what they do but it’s who they are and how they carry themselves in the world. People just flock to them because they want to be around them.

There’s a healing consciousness, there’s a sense of certainty, there’s a sense of leaving that place a more complete human being than when you joined them.



So my challenge to you now today, is to think of what you could do to become more grounded.

What could you do to become more certain? What anchors, what rituals, what things could you bring into your life in the next week to make you more luminous, more

What anchors, what rituals, what things could you bring into your life in the next week to make you more luminous, more centered and more grounded?

That will enhance your marketing message regardless of what it is you’re doing. These people just go about quietly creating stellar results and people want to be in their presence.

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