As I felt the arrow break on the point of my neck, I remember two things going through my head:

1) Am I ever glad that thing broke and I’m not dead!

2) That was easier than I thought it would be, what happens now…

The facilitator at the retreat then said to the 700 people in the room; how many of you had something like this running through your head “that was easier than I thought, I wonder what’s next!?”

I sheepishly put up my hand and he goes “how come you don’t celebrate your own greatness more? How come you don’t celebrate the truly magical moments that are your life?”

I realized in that moment that facilitator completely changed my life.

As a result to that, I have implemented a strategy that we call Magic Moments.

I want to share with you what it can mean to bring great moments of clarity and joy in your life. Not only that but also is a great way to build your business.


Magic Moments are special, over the top things or events that you do and plan.

The more special they are, the more intentional they are, the more planned they are, the more they bring joy and fulfillment.

Because I contend that life is nothing other than a series of moments sketched together.

Are you going to make yours magical?


My chiropractic practice used to have two team members, Sandra and Sharon.

Sandra really loved to go out to movies and go to dinner and that kind of stuff. A couple times a month, I would just walk by her desk and just drop off movie passes or dinner certificates to a local restaurant. It made her life a little more magical. She looked forward to it and appreciated my gesture.

Sharon on the other end loved fresh cut flowers so I would stop on my way to work a few times a month to buy fresh cut flowers. I’d put them on her desk so that when she came in Monday morning she would see her fresh cut flowers and it would light up her morning.

They both had better experiences and better days because of this effort, and everything was magical as a result.

For our practice members, we’d have all kinds of crazy things going on – mini-putt tournaments, Christmas parties, boat cruises, barbecues – we had things that made life magical.

I’m encouraging you to do the same thing for the impact it’ll have on your life and your business. I encourage you to remember how magical life is and how you can string together a series of magic moments to make like that much more fulfilling, rewarding and quite frankly profitable.

What is one thing that you can do, one thing that you can create in your life, in your practice, in your business today that would make it more magical?

It’s so much fun to think of the people that are important in your life and do important things for them based on their values.


If a magic moment for you might be talking to one of our chiropractic coaches, I would love for you to  that would take you to an application process where you could be one of the two people every month that we gift a magic moment of a complimentary consultation about one thing in your business that you’re focused on that you could use some outside influence from a professionally trained coach.

It’s one of the ways that we help contribute to making life more magical for people in the world.