Have you been debating adjusting your office hours?!

As I stood outside of one of my adjusting rooms, I overheard a couple pondering “I wonder what Dr. Tom’s office hours are going to be this month”.

The husband wisely said “I guess it depends on what holidays are coming up or what sports the kids are playing”.

I smiled deeply inside because it affirmed something that I knew to be true: that what you want, wants you.

Because family is my highest value, I simply changed my hours to allow me to play an important part in my daughters’ lives.

I’m going to share why YOU should change your office hours to make sure you get what you really want out of life!

Many of the thousands of people that I’ve coached jumped aboard the entrepreneurial bandwagon because they wanted to set their own hours but they quickly become slaves to their own ambition. Some of the powerful chiropractors that I’ve worked with have become jealous of the people that come into their practices because their patients are flexible to life.

Don’t foolishly think that you can’t change and adjust your office hours to fit your life. That’s why you became entrepreneurs in the first place. Tons of people live flexible lives.

Patients will come when you want them to come. It’s a bell curve people!

10% will come with a little bit of persuasion.
80% of the people will come when you ask or tell them to come.
You can’t please the remaining 10%.

Focus on things that make you happy and feel blissful. You’ll be more present time conscious if you’re not in a state of resentment and frustration. Thoughts are things – focus on what you want, build the business that you want and the people will come.

If your office hours are not ideal for you, change them!

Because I didn’t buy into scarcity consciousness, people came.

Dig deep and ask yourself what you really want your life to look like and what is blocking you from getting there.

If you’re unsure, download the exercise associated with this video to help you get that crystal clarity.

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