Work is too often seen as a four letter word in our culture where you merely grind it out and then come home and try to enjoy your life.

There is a mountain of evidence that shows that those who have more fun at work are more productive.

Want to increase your profits? Have more fun!

Google and Facebook consistently rank amongst the top companies to work for. Why? Because they have built fun as part of their culture.

“The key to Google’s success as a workplace is constantly innovating and experimenting and keeping things FUN” – Laszlo Bock (VP People Operations, Google, Inc.)

The neurology of fun and productivity:
Optimal brain activation occurs when subjects are in positive emotional states or when the material holds personal meaning, connects to their interests, is presented with elements of novelty or evokes wonder. When there is connection from positive emotional experience learning will be enhanced.

Fun allows you to be extremely focused.

The more focused you are, the more present-time conscious you are, the more healing-intent you have. The more healing intent you have, the better results you’re going to get. And up goes the profitability of your business.

Having fun and the Space-Time Continuum – think of a really fun event that you’ve gone to and think of what happened with time and space there. Didn’t it warp and fly by? Imagine going to work and having the day fly by and being so much more attentive and focused that you’re actually more productive.

Having is a business productivity model and strategy!

Who knew that having fun wasn’t just a great personal way of leading to more happiness and fulfillment? It turns out to be a great business builder.

What is one way that you can have more fun today, tonight, tomorrow in your practice or in your life?

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