How Major Outcome Activities Changed My Practice and Increased My Income While Working Lesssmall business consulting

As a Chiropractor for 26 years now, I entered the industry when it was new and the community was uneducated about the concept of Chiropractic. Mix this with my farm boy background, and I was not set up for the best success right out of the gates as a new business owner. One thing that I found to be paramount to my success was having a coach and mentor; how small business consulting allowed me to tap into the lessons of my predecessors and gain momentum quickly.

I share with you some of the quickest lessons that I can from my experience in small business consulting that I possibly can in a 2:30 video. Pareto’s principle applies here too!

Watch the video below:


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Pareto Principle in Effect:

In the video we reference these “Major Outcome Activities” that give us the 80% results from 20% of the activities. We are giving away this private member exercise to help you create your MOA’s along with a guide created on how to use this most effectively. Click the button below to begin

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