You have a gift to share with the world, one community member at a time. Your talents create wellness, vitality, second chances, new opportunities, and a better life. You know this, I know this, but there are so many people who don’t know this; people in your neighbourhood that NEED you!chiropractic marketing

I’ve been interested in business and marketing since the age of 16. Having the opportunity to implement my own gifts and talents with Full Circle for the past year I have come to realize how underutilized the marketing plans of many chiropractors are. It’s like a puzzle with missing pieces and no time to put it together.

So here is what a chiropractic marketing 101 course in college may have looked like:

First subject: Track Your Stats

You need to know your numbers to assess whether things are on track or not. This is an accountant’s job which is what you pay them for, right? Well, not quite.Start calculating number of new patients, number of patient visits per week, referral leads, best source of new patients, the time put into marketing objectives, the Return On Investment of your marketing objectives, and the ROI of your time!

Now you can be sure you are putting your time and value into the most efficient marketing systems. Pareto Principle: 80% of results are created from 20% of the effort. Find your winners and ditch the rest. (WHOA..this looks confusing.. “How would I do that..?check out the 102 marketing ideas and marketing calendar giveaway


Mid-Term: Finding Your Winning Marketing Objectives

You want to run with the most efficient marketing system(s) that provide the best results, but you don’t know what they are yet. Darn. There is only one way to find out. Micro-test and analyze. Get the team together and write out a list of possible marketing ideas. Then start to test.

  • Yellowpages are dead. But maybe not in your small town.
  • People only check Facebook for pictures of grandkids and to tend to their vegetables on Farmville. But it might be effective for targeting your audience.
  • Your patients don’t have anyone to refer to you..but maybe they are just uneducated about WHY they need you. (Hint: that’s why we invented the Chirostressometer)


You never know what works best until you try it out. Most importantly, track the results.


Finals Approach: The Elusive Box

You know what you want, you set goals, and you’ve done a great job reflecting on the past 10-15 years. Your life isn’t one of mundane efforts packaged up with regret. You are someone who makes things happen and look how far it’s taken you in life. Have you lost that recognition in how amazing you are?

The last step is to start thinking outside of the elusive “box” as to what you actually need to accomplish to realize your dreams and goals (as stated in the I Know I Am Successful When Exercise). By thinking in almost a lazy approach, you can begin to have revolutionary marketing thoughts to achieve these results. I believe in you.

If you understand that you are connected to everything, then it makes sense that you are already connected to your realized dreams and goals; you just need to start taking focused action to walk in the right direction. So here’s a more-than-good start. Now go think great thoughts and create great results for yourself. you deserve it.

Look out for more chiro marketing tips in the next few months!

Guest written by:

Rick Tielemans

When he isn’t working on client interactions at Full Circle, he runs Meraki Marketing with his twin brother.

Living his life by Budweiser’s Rule #76:
There are no small victories

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