Seth Godin is a remarkable author, serial entrepreneur and a brilliant mind of today that we respect highly in this company. He’s also a magnificent role model in authentic greatness, no matter how quirky people perceive him to be.4 key success factors seth godin

He wrote a great article in Success Magazine that we wanted to recap for our edition of Key Success Factors. In order to be your own boss and be successful in doing it, you are going to have to remember a few things. If you are willing to stick to these 4 points, you will do just fine.

The 4 Key Success Factors


1) Slow And Steady Is A Reality

In a microwaveable society, it is easy to assume everything can or should happen immediately or it isn’t worth doing. While this may work for that frozen dinner when you come home late, this does not work for building your own business; no matter what kind of business it is.

Too often, the budding entrepreneur sours on their endeavor when things don’t materialize as quickly as hoped. Being successful means taking a few falls, failed attempts and the unshakable desire to see your vision come to life. In order for that to happen with any kind of merit, it will take time.


2) Give Generously Or Don’t Expect Much

Hunkering down and locking yourself away in a closed home office, away from family and friends may seem like a necessary sacrifice for productivity, but it won’t get you very far. The truth is, you need those relationships and connections more often then not in order for you to succeed.

With that in mind, further develop these connections by donating your time, resources, and talents to people who are in need of what you do and don’t expect anything in return. In Guy Kawasaki’s book, The Art Of The Start, he calls this kind of person a mensche. While it is the last chapter in the book, it is suggested to read it first. Why? Because if you aren’t willing to be a giver, you are not cut out for entrepreneurship. This also helps establish you as a leader in your community, making people Know, Like and Trust you.

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3) There Is No One Better At Being YOU

The greatest success stories are people who are unforgiving in who they are. Steve Jobs was known as a tyrant who did whatever it took to create the visions in his head – and results he got. We all have special gifts and talents to bring to this world. The more you fulfill these authentic gifts to the world with your own authentic expression, the better the return financially.

It’s perfectly okay to model and look up to successful people, but at the end of the day there’s no one-way to do achieve a result. Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. We all have our own definition of success. Your job is to be unforgiving in acting as yourself and creating the results you desire through that medium.


4) Fight The Fear Of Rejection And The Addiction Of Approval

This is a tough one, but a very valuable skill if you work on it. Being on either side of the coin of approval is a bad place to be and is certain to set you up for failure. Always consider wise counsel and value honest feedback, but know that the haters will always be there. Pay no mind and you’ll be better off. Just ask yourself, “is this constructive criticism?”

Likewise, don’t get too high on compliments of others. Buying your own hype is a dangerous game, and is usually followed by thinking you have all the answers. You don’t. Stay humble and you’ll feel more confident, not to mention being easier to be around.

Again, we all have a different definition of personal success, which can’t be achieved until it’s been defined. If you don’t have crystal clarity on what success means to you in every area of your life from finances to fitness, we encourage you to take advantage of our I Know I Am Successful When exercise! Click the button below.