You’re working too long and hard …

Do you have a clear definition of success, or are you just hoping you’ll like what the future holds?

Do you spend long, exhaustive hours at the office, hoping to use hard work and “hustle” to grow your practice? 

Do you sacrifice the things you want to do for the things you “should” do?

This is a common occurrence in the chiropractic profession…

They say happiness is on the other side of big patient numbers, and therefore more is better.

Once you hit 100 pts, you aim for 200 pts.

Once you hit 200 pts, it’s onto 300 pts.

You can never be happy chasing more patients, and you’ll always feel guilty for how you spend your time because you’re likely sacrificing time with your family to be working.

I tried the big patient numbers, and it just turned me into the chiropractor with the bad back who didn’t see his family enough… you can see more of my story on this here.

When burned out chiropractors come to us, they’re overworked and underpaid and simply looking to get their life back.

The first thing we do with them is to define the end goal, define the elusive “success”, and attain clarity.

We do this by…

Calculating your Magic Number of Patient Visits

When you have a CLEAR number for how many patients you want to see per week, a few things happen:

  1. You can breathe a little easier because you can see just how close to “making it” you actually are! Most assume it’s so far away, which causes overwhelm and overwork.
  2. You can clearly see where you are, where you want to be, and reverse engineer the plan to get there
  3. You can stop working for work’s sake because you can create an authentic schedule around this number
  4. You partner with the Universe by creating a void (of patients) that needs to be filled in order to restore balance

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

Here’s Dr. Tom showing you our simple formula for calculating your *Magic Number*…


This process is like planning the logistics of your dream vacation, only instead of a week or two… it’s your life we’re designing. 

The Formula For Calculating Your *Magic Number* = LC + PR / PV

1. LC = Lifestyle Cost

2. PR = Practice Revenue

3. PV = Patient Visits


You likely got into practice to support the lifestyle you dream of, and then the reality of running a practice turned out to be different than you expected…

So this formula is designed to put your dream lifestyle first in order to calculate the goals of the practice.

Too often docs have a patient visit goal that’s simply a hollow goal from a made up number that just sounds good… which isn’t inspiring to bring into life, nor does it create the void in the universe that allows us to attract these patients without marketing.


1. Calculate Your Lifestyle Cost:


What does it cost to live your ideal lifestyle?

  • Where do you live and what’s the mortgage payment?
  • How much do you want to spend on food?
  • What do you drive and what does the car payment + insurance + gas cost?
  • Are you putting money into your kid’s college fund, if so, how much?
  • What trips and events are you planning for the year, and how much do you need to put away each month to afford that?

Get specific and see what exactly it costs to live your best life.


Example Lifestyle Cost = $8,000/month


2. Calculate Your Practice Revenue:

Calculate the overhead you need to pay before you can pay yourself each month in order to determine what a “successful practice” needs to generate per year/month.


  • Practice Overhead = $8,000
  • Savings = $1,000
  • Debt Reduction = $1,000
  • Taxes = $2,000
  • Example Practice Overhead = $12,000/month

Example Practice Revenue = $20,000/month ($12,000 overhead + $8,000 lifestyle cost)


3. Calculate Your Patient Visits:

How many patient visits do you need to see to earn your Practice Revenue goal?

Divide your Practice Revenue by your fee per service.

  • Let’s say you charge $50 per adjustment
  • $20,000 / $50 = 400 patient visits

Example Patient Visits = 400 per month / 100 per week


We now have a clear definition of success, designed to support the lifestyle you want to be living. Once you hit 100 patient visits per week, according to this example, you are a successful chiropractor running a successful practice, as defined by YOU.


Now it’s your turn…

– – –

But How Do You Attract Your Magic Patient Number of Patients?!

Our Practice From Within Blueprint is designed to take you from where you are, to where you want to be, without the dreaded chiropractic marketing involved.

We do this through a series of exercises and one-on-one guidance, but here’s the simple breakdown that allows our clients to typically 2x their practice without marketing while working one less day per week:

  1. Define their Magic Patient Number (we just covered this)
  2. Create their Optimal Schedule according to their Magic Number so they can stop overworking and get their life back
  3. Attract this Magic Number through the Resonance Factor by removing their interferences to patient attraction and retention.

If you want to see how to do steps two and three, we have a short case study video to show you just how we do it.

Click here to get the case study training…


chiropractic coaching case study