This one is directed towards all the powerful moms who find themselves running a practice/ business.

Coach Dodie has been there first hand to see and feel the emotions associated with being a chiro-mom.

That feeling of guilt that creeps up when with patients because the kids are at home without you, and then that feeling when at home that you should be working to provide for the family and patients.

This universal law is keeping us STUCK.

The frustration is that we find ourselves NOT PRESENT at either the office OR at home, and it has to stop.

Coach Dodie walks us through an exercise to get rid of guilts, fears and resentments so we can be a better mom, better chiropractor, better partner and a more expressed individual.

The goalĀ of this is to be LIBERATED and be at peace with the situations and the emotions that arise.

To be more mentally and physically present at home.

And more mentally & physically present with our patients.

What we need to do first is to get rid of the emotional charge that keeps us blocked.

Imagine putting the boulders of these emotions in a backpack, carrying these around while adjusting patients, while your with your family.

The emotions then not only weight you down on your physical body but also mentally you start to pay more attention to the guilt and resentments.



  1. Grab a piece of paper and jot down the negative thoughts and emotions that come up along the day. Write down any of the judgemental thoughts, the guilty thoughts or any resentments you fathom along your day.
  2. Now go back to your list at the end of the day and write down 5-10 POSITIVES of these emotions and situations.
  3. You want to keep writing until you create a neutral charge. Keep writing until you feel there is no more charge, until you feel no pain or pleasure around these situations (ex. spending too much time with patients when you should be home with your family)
  4. Repeat this for any charge that comes up throughout the next week.


See with our Practice From Within Blueprint we help individuals remove the interferences that block them from success so they can reverse engineer their dream life and business.

We can’t perform any higher than our lowest limiting belief and these are what keep us stuck in old habits, routines and low performance.

We want to help you remove these interferences so you can grow to a higher level of manifestation!

Check out the case study below where we helped 2X a practice while getting them a full day off per week. See where these principles can apply in your practice.


chiropractic coaching case study