How many unnecessary hours are you at work?

Do you work 30-40 hours per week and wonder how other docs are seeing more patients in the same amount of time?

Do you sacrifice time with your family, sacrifice hobbies, to be available in practice?

Do you have flexible hours to accommodate more patients?

I’m convinced you are putting in unnecessary hours in your practice and I’ll show you how you can reduce those by next week without losing revenue or patients.


In this week’s wisdom bomb, I’m going to show you how to take control over your practice so you can dictate your life instead of being controlled by your practice and patients.

When you’re in charge of your time, when you feel in control of your practice, a few things happen…

  • You have more time for yourself to recharge since you’re no good to your family or your patients if you don’t first invest in yourself
  • You will stop resenting the practice and relieve yourself from feeling victimized because you have the ability to create a practice around your life, instead of find a life outside of practice
  • When you shorten your hours, you’re forced to be more productive in the working hours, thus working on higher level tasks and increasing your value (and income) in the process
  • When you see more patients per hour, you get into “flow” and you’re the best version of yourself for your patients
  • Overall, when you feel in control, you feel empowered, and this causes you to be more fun to be around – for your patients and your friends and family


Dr. Frazer is going to show you our mathematical formula for creating your Perfect Chiropractic Schedule based on how many chiropractic treatments are needed to reach your goals…

Your Perfect Chiropractic Schedule Formula

= Magic Patient Number ÷ Authentic Adjustment + Operations


Most docs don’t live from intention.

Most docs pick hours they feel they *should* be working, and then show up and hope their day is filled with patient visits.

When there are no patients in the office, they “run” their practice by putting out fires and bouncing from one thing to another.

Sound familiar?

Here’s how to structure YOUR Perfect Chiropractic Schedule so you can take control of your practice, live an intentional life, and still serve the number of patients that afford you a great life.


1. Let’s Determine Where You Are Now:

How many patient visits are you currently seeing on average per week?

You can’t get to a new place if you don’t know your starting point.

Example = 100 patient visits


2. Let’s Determine Where You WANT To Be:

How many patients do you WANT to be seeing per week?

Don’t just make this number up because it won’t work. In order to be intentional in your goals, and therefore get the support of the universe at your back, you need to calculate your Magic Patient Number.

Let’s say you’ve done the Magic Patient Number Formula and have found you only need 150 patient visits to live your ideal lifestyle.

Example = 150 patient visits


3. Calculate Your Authentic Adjustment:

In order to continue being intentional and authentic, we need to calculate how long is takes YOU to perform an *authentic adjustment*.

This is a simple metric to determine:

How long does it take to adjust a family member?

It’s beautifully simple because if you love your patients you will serve them equal to how you would serve the ones you love most.

This becomes your metric, your North Star, as you move through your daily adjustments.

Example Time = 5 Minutes


4. How Many Hours Does It Take Per Week To Hit Your Goals?

We determined in this example you only need to see 150 patients per week.

We also determined that you can give a loving adjustment in 5 minutes.

Meaning you can see 12 patients in one hour.

So all we have to do is divide 150 patient visits by 12 to determine your authentic adjusting hours.

150 / 12 = 12.5 hours

You can live your best life working 12.5 hours per week.


5. Factor In The Time It Takes To Run Your Practice

So far we’ve been able to calculate how many patient visits you are away from your goals, and how many hours you’re unnecessarily working by running around and putting out fires while waiting for your next patients to show up.

It’s not realistic to think you can just show up, work 12.5 hours adjusting, and run a successful practice that way… unless you have your team trained so well to handle everything else.

So we need to add in some additional hours to our Perfect Chiropractic Schedule for:

  • marketing
  • management
  • exams
  • new patients

Let’s give ourselves 10 extra hours per week (an extra 2 hours per day) to handle the rest.

Remember, the amount of time you allot a task is the amount of time it takes. So give yourself some perturbatory pressure to get this done efficiently so you don’t flounder and procrastinate, and you can go fulfill on your goals in the other areas of your life outside of practice.

Example = 22.5 hours per week


Now Turn This Into Your Own Perfect Schedule:

Now you can take these allotted hours and use them across however many days you WANT to work.

It’s the *Perfect* schedule, because you can customize it to your lifestyle, your family’s needs, and your hobbies. Now you can take these allotted hours and flex them over however many days you want!

It’s the simplest way to realize how easily you can be working 3-4 days instead of 5-6.

By working less days, you reap the benefits of…

  • not using any energy to operate your practice on days off (if you own the building)
  • having more “human being” time instead of always “human doing”
  • recharge your batteries so you’re fresh and switched on for your patients – which is contagious and helps referrals
  • you have more time for marketing and community events
  • your team will have more work/life balance which increases stickiness factor (nobody wants to hire and train new CA’s)

See How This Has Worked For Us

Dr. Tom used to spend 5 days at his island property in the summer with his family, and batch ALL his patients into 2 days. He paid his team well to handle the stress, and they all enjoyed a long 5-day weekend.

One of our clients, Dr. Rena, reduced her expenses and went from working 27 hours per week to 20 hours per week. She now has more time for herself, more time with her kids, and weekly date nights with her husband! 

Coach Dodie is a successful practice owner, busy Mom and wife, AND she helps docs like you grow their practice while working less here at Full Circle. She still has Friday afternoons ALL to herself… whether it’s to catch up on groceries or to get a massage.

Coach Jay has his hand’s full with his 3 young kids while helping our clients grow their practice and get their life back. He’s still running a busy practice in Colorado, AND he’s running a slick operation selling reclaimed barn wood. Not to mention he manages to stay in incredible shape and absorbs more audiobooks than anyone I know.

– – –

Here’s Where Docs Go Wrong…

They believe they need to be open and available for their patients.

They believe in order to be successful, they need to work long, hard hours. As if quantity = quality.

They believe their Magic Patient Number is too far out of reach, that attracting and retaining new patients is HARD.

They believe they can’t take 5 days off and still earn a great living.

You see, it’s these beliefs that are the ONLY thing stopping you from growing your practice into the vehicle that affords you a great life. Because the docs that ARE working only 3-4 days per week and are hitting their patient and revenue goals are the ones who believe that’s possible for them.

Here at Full Circle, we believe your success needs no help… just no interference. 

You have the knowledge and skills to be a great chiropractor. 

You have the vehicle to produce an amazing income (your practice).

You don’t need anything else to be successful.

You just need to remove your interferences to growth that cause self-doubt, uncertainty, procrastination.

You just need to patch the holes that are causing you to lose just as many patients as you gain, keeping you stuck on this hamster wheel of being overworked and underpaid.

I’d love to give you the answers you need to remove your interferences, but it’s different and unique to everyone…

Everyone has a unique practice style, unique lifestyle, unique goals, and unique baggage that is holding them back.

What we can do for you is to get on a discovery call to take a look at your symptoms and give you a report of findings, which we call our Practice From Within Blueprint to grow your practice while working less exhausting hours.

Just click the link below to remove your interferences to growth…

Yes, I want to grow my practice.