Morning Yoga Routine

In order for Dr. Tom to be present in his coaching calls, and all that he needs to accomplish in a day to better serve humanity, he must stay connected to that source energy that keeps him focused and centred.

This video is Tom’s morning stretching routine which is a blend of yoga and tai chi. He never skips this morning activity because he knows how dramatically it effects the rest of his day in terms of energy, focus, and motivation.

He starts the mornings at retreat with this exercise in the hopes that his clients will integrate their own authentic version of this in their daily lives. He’s seen the results that manifest in the lives of his clients after only making this one change to their daily habits.

Tailor the moves in Dr. Tom’s morning routine to your own authentic version that feels right for you so you can begin your day with laser focus for a beautiful, productive day.

As always, reach out if you’d like support creating successful habits and anchors that produce greater results in your life and business