I’ve worked with many female chiropractic business owners who believe they need to be more “masculine” in their approach in order to succeed in practice. They lose touch of their natural, free-flowing feminine energy by the time they get home.

Today we’re going to share with you how you can leverage the feminine energy to actually be more effective in running a great chiropractic practice.

And it’s not just women…

There are distinct differences between the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies. Although there are both energies in everyone, we tend to have one that is a more dominate energy.

Sacred Masculine:

Logic (problem solving and direct communication)
Vision (purpose, mission, economics and goal setting)

Divine Feminine: 

Connection (nurturing, sharing, fun-loving)
Intuition (tone, vibes, feeling)


In our experience of over 20 years of coaching and consulting, a lot of our strong feminine clients (mostly women) feel the need to go to the office and push into the other side of masculine energy. Because it is a “man’s world” they think they have to stay in the masculine energy to be a success in business.

They are WRONG!

This can create conflict in their lives because they are not representing their authentic self. Their power is in their feminine!


Let’s explore how to stay in the divine feminine in business and be a great success!

Here are three tips we’ve learned after 20 years of working with the strongest feminine people in the world to help YOU bring the divine feminine strengths into your chiropractic practice.

1. Relationship

Feminine energies care more so they are much better at building relationships!

For example, think about table talk in your office.

Feminine energies become extremely present/time conscious compared to masculine. You can really harness that energy to connect with that individual on your table.

You can leverage that sense of connection and relationship to increase the “stickiness factor” as patients will understand the benefits of care, stay longer and also refer others.

2. Harness The Energy

93% of human communication is non-verbal.  People FEEL when you care, so embrace your energies to connect to others. Using this empathy and nurturing energy is a very positive thing to building your practice.

Remember, people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

3. Balance

Feminine energy is programmed for balance. Masculine energies are problem solvers and vision oriented so they will often push and drive to get that task completed. This will often lead to exhaustion, fatigue and grumpiness!

Who wants to be around that energy? No one!

With feminine energy, you can find that balance between home and work so that you are coming back to your practice refreshed and energized.

This way you will be able to truly impact your patients.


4. BONUS TIP! Humility

What is the stereotypical problem with masculine energy? Not wanting to ask for directions! Masculine energy hates to be wrong and fear others thinking they don’t know everything.

Feminine energy is much better at handling this and it can go a long way in your practice.


If you’re in a place in your life where your work/life balance isn’t optimal to you or you’re inspired to bring out your feminine energy to bring your life and work to the next level reach out and ask us for help!

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