How many times has this conversation happened to you:

Friend: “How are you?”

You: “BUSY!”

We are obsessed with the notion that being busy is the equivalent of not being lazy. We think that we are better than those lazy people because we’re “busy”!

If you think that “busyness” is the only way that things can be accomplished then you’re WRONG!

While you may be accomplishing your task list, I promise that you are no fun to be around!

In this week’s video we’re going to share how we are able to run our businesses while taking vacations AND having a laugh or two with our families along the way.

Here are the three keys to having more fun, taking time off from being “busy” and becoming more profitable.

1. Defining Success In Your Ideal

This is very pivotal and core to us at Full Circle because it allows you to get the clarity to know if you NEED to be running that million dollar business, squeezing in patients, or spend that extra time at the business.

We have a process called Defining Authentic Success! All of our thousands of clients who have gone through this program have found that it costs them less than what they thought it would to live their life in their authentic self.

The Western culture says that more is bigger and bigger is better! This is simply not true!

There’s always equal pain and pleasure in all things in life.


Think about this: what if you cut your hours and raised your prices?

You wouldn’t have to be as busy and you’d make the same amount of money, if not more. You’d also have time for the kids, time for that workout, time for that hobby!

We live in an abundant universe! There’s a ton of people who want the service you offer at the price you offer. We know this is a terrifying notion but many of our clients have done this and found success and so can you.

Get clarity on your definition of success and look for options and strategies to minimize your “busy” time.

2. Defining The Time You Work & Play

Our time management system advocates for dividing time into three categories.

A. Be Time
B. Do Time
C. Have Time

Most people are constantly thinking about the Do Time but STOP! Always start by scheduling in your Have Time. We recommend having at least one full day a week away from your business. Just enjoy the fruits of your labours and enjoy your life.

We’re not just talking about time management we’re also talking about energy management. If you are truly refreshed and recharged from your Have Time, you’re going to be able to get more done in 1 hour than you would normally in 2-3 hours.

Get recharged and refreshed! You will end up more efficient, effective and productive.

3. Add More Fun Into What Causes You Stress

What causes you stress? Your work environment!

Hire fun people! 

Our marketing team from Meraki Marketing are a ton of fun to be around! Having fun is one of their top values. You can’t help but smile when you’re working with these guys.

Also incorporate more work events into the routine. We’re talking jean Friday’s, throwback outfits, anything that gets people out of the day to day grind.

Go out for lunch with your team at least once a month! Have some fun and challenge each other to avoid talking shop for that hour or two.

Plan big events based on accomplishing goals!

Our team has an AGM every year where we fly the whole team down to Florida, rent a home, cater big fancy dinners, and more! We have a whole lot of fun while still accomplishing a lot.

If you’re feeling stressed or burnt out try and build more fun into your life and business by following the three steps above!

Also seriously consider raising your fees and cutting back your hours. This can be terrifying, we know!

The first time I did this in the early 90’s I went to an all cash practice, raised my fees by 15%, cut back my hours by 33% and took a two week holiday. I was terrified. But this was authentic to me!

The universe is always conspiring to support us with authenticity and the outcome for me was phenomenal. I was having way more fun, being more effective and took home more money at the end of the year!


We offer a complimentary month of one-on-one coaching so that you can take us for a test drive to ensure we will help you get to where you want to go. This is so we know if you are coachable, and to help you justify the cost of coaching before you pay for anything!

Apply for a no-strings attached 60 minute coaching call here to help you increase profitability and decrease time in office.