Maura Coltsman, CA

Location: No Location

The program was nicely balanced with information given, homework and tests, but what I enjoyed the most was the conference calls with Shazia. She made the calls fun and it didn’t feel like I was expected to know everything, but rather had a good support system that was teaching me ways to be a better CA

Lindsey Leaman CA

Location: No Location

It was useful to learn ways of phrasing questions when booking or rebooking appointments to put PMs in charge of their own health and wellness while subtly guiding the answer to what I would like. I had never thought much about the marketing side of a clinic, but it was interesting to know that a solid marketing concept can be fun as well as bring in new business.

Amanda A.

Location: No Location

I feel more confident in my communication, administrative and leadership roles. I feel more involved in how the office is ran with my gained knowledge, and am able to take accountability in my role.

Dr. Christina Breitlow

Location: Longmont Colorado

I am 100% passionate about heading to my dream job each day, our practice has grown exponentially and we have attracted the most amazing clients, I have a fulfilling and blissful relationship with my husband, my thoughts and decisions now come from a place of love and authenticity instead of fear and insecurity, and I am HAPPY!