Your practice would consistently grow if you stopped doing these things that are causing you to leak patients …

We hear from docs all the time that it’s getting harder to attract and retain patients.

That it shouldn’t be “this hard” after 10, 15, 20 years in practice.

Maybe you feel the same way, that you “should be” more successful by now.

Because of this, you’re working hard and long hours because that’s what it took to get your practice to where it is today.

You’ll take more time off from your practice once it’s doing better and then you can justify the time freedom.

Common reality, and it’s keeping docs running on this exhausting hamster wheel getting no further ahead.

What if I told you that you could increase your patient visits without changing anything in your practice, your hours, your marketing, your team?

What if your practice grew with everything you’re already doing?

Today Coach Frazer is going to show you one of the concepts that we’ve found is scaring away new patients…

Pull vs. Push

This is how you can go from “used car salesman” to patient attraction magnet and serve more patients without working any harder so you can finally “justify” that time off…

The Simple Quiz To Determine If You’re Pushing Patients Away:

Ask yourself these two simple questions…

1. Would you pay MORE for YOUR services than you’re currently charging your patients?

2. Do you believe other docs in your community are better chiropractors than you?


The way you present yourself in practice can be determined just by getting to the core of these two questions. 


1. Your Adjustment Fee and Your Self Worth:

If you have a hard time believing you deserve the $30-$50 you charge for your chiropractic services, then you are going to feel out of exchange.

When someone is getting paid more than they believe they deserve, they will always subconsciously sabotage the relationship and/or the earnings.

Example: one of our coaches had a member of their team who was with them forever, and seemingly earned their large paycheques because of the great work they were in charge of. Turns out there were crucial pieces of their outcomes assessment they weren’t doing, and therefore they felt out of exchange for the money they earned. They sabotaged the relationship and walked away, leaving a big gap in this practice BUT giving our teammate a chance for better talent and a great business lesson. 

So you have two options:

  • Increase your self-worth and deservability threshold for the greatness you provide your patients

  • Self-sabotage your relationship to this money and continue to add new patients to your leaky bucket  


2. Do You Feel Inadequate Compared To Other Chiropractors In Your Community:


If you compare yourself to other docs in the community and feel like you aren’t “good enough” in comparison, then there’s no way you can confidently market and put yourself out there with the subconscious belief that the patients you attract are in better hands down the road.

You’re going to FEEL like a phony, like an imposter, and imposter syndrome is one of the reasons Hollywood actors end up spending away their fortune and sabotaging the success they’ve created.


Solution: How To Attract Patients From a Place of Abundance Rather Than Push Them Away


One of the first things we do with ALL of our chiropractic clients to allow them to fix the holes in their bucket causing them to leak patients and revenue is to…

Increase their CERTAINTY

This way we can change the narrative, change the beliefs, and subsequently change the actions and behaviours that are causing you to scare away patients.

Here’s how you start the process of increasing your certainty:

  1. Write down ALL the benefits of your chiropractic services
    1. How does your service enhance the lives of your patients:
      1. Physically
      2. Emotionally
      3. Mentally
      4. Spiritually
      5. Financially (Career)
      6. Socially
      7. Family
  2. Now let’s think BIGGER and look at the Butterfly Effect
    1. write down ALL the benefits of your services to the people who interact with your patients
      1. How do your services help your patient’s family?
      2. How do your services help your patient’s friends?
      3. How do your services help your patient’s coworkers?

When you can see just how AMAZING you are and the impact you have on the lives of your patients, you’re able to get out of your head, stop the irrational thoughts, and start focusing on the good of the patients.

Once we “flip the script”, your focus shifts from NEEDING new patients for the sake of your postponed “better life”, and becomes a conversation about the certainty you have that you can help these people.

Your patients can feel this difference.

– – –

Where This Fits Into Your Journey

You can see “Abundance Consciousness” and “Building Certainty” show up in our chiropractic coaching process BEFORE marketing and retention.

chiropractic coaching programYet we have client after client who is seeing explosive practice growth after shifting scarcity consciousness to an abundance consciousness.

Dr. Amber started getting double the new patients saying yes to her care plan recommendations by changing her mindset away from “needing more patients”.

Trying to go right for marketing is a costly numbers game to see who “sticks” through your leaky bucket.

This process is one of many that allows us to help docs work less whle finally seeing growth in their practice so they don’t need to continue postponing the life they want to live.

If you to find out more about the Practice From Within journey, apply to talk to a coach to see how we help docs double their practice and take more time off, often without marketing.