Dr. Mark Fleet DC

Location: Oakville Ont.

Tom Preston’s program is unlike most other chiropractic programs as it focuses on setting up your practice to be a reflection of your core values as opposed to most cookie cutter programs that try to mould you into their “right way of doing things

Dr. Bonnie Chuter

Location: Vancouver, Canada.

I have made some positive changes in my practice, have seen about 20% growth in the practice volume in the last 5 months, have been able to take off an extra afternoon and not feel guilty about it and have felt more focussed and energized at work.

Dr. Angela Pascoe

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

(Full Circle) has helped me grow personally, spiritually, and has allowed me to see through clear lenses what it is that I want in a practice. It has also assisted me in knowing how I can
create my dream lifestyle and dream practice, in MY IDEAL!