Dr. Lise Janelle

Location: Toronto, Ontario

I had to explore and shed old patterns, some of which I would have not been able to see otherwise. I find it really useful to have someone on the “outside”, not stuck in my paradox, who can see my blind spots and ask me the right questions or make the right intuitive comment to help me see what I could not see.

Dr. Kacie Flegal

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Tom is more than I could have ever asked for in a Coach. When initially seeking out someone to coach me through starting and running a practice, I had an idea he/she would be someone who was very one dimensional; All about business, and that was what I would get.. just a greater understanding of business from a Chiropractic model. Not unlike what I had in the business classes in school

Dr. Jeff Needham

Location: Sarnia, Ontario

I have been on an amazing journey and have a dream life that has allowed me to adjust and educate thousands of families and children in my community, speak and lecture to thousands every year about true health and wellness, while taking 6 weeks vacation every year (and I don’t have an associate), with a sense of freedom in all aspects of my life from being able to travel to finances minus the stress before!