Dr. Frazer Smith

Location: Smith Falls, Ontario

I believe that Tom has the ability to meet anyone wherever they are in their journey spiritually, philosophically or entrepreneurially and assist them in making positive change in their life. Just be prepared to do the work!

Dr. Bonnie Chuter

Location: Richmond, B.C.

Coaching with Tom has been a great experience. He makes you focus on all areas of your life so you can live life in your ideal. He is always organized and prepared for the calls. He has helped me improve myself and my practice in many ways. The coaching keeps you accountable to yourself so you can achieve whatever goals you desire.

Dr. Alison Cummings

Location: New York, U.S.A.

After working with Dr. Tom my relationships have improved, I spend more time outside of the office, I am aware of my core values and how to leverage those values to create the life of my dreams. Oh yeah- my office has also generated more money.